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Inzu igurishwa ku Ruyenzi/29,000,000rwf
Inzu zigurishwa NYAMATA/47,000,000 rwf
Ikibanza kigurishwa mu kiyovu/ 85,000,000 rwf
Ikibanza kigurishwa JABANA/8,000,000RWF
Inzu  igurishwa I Nyamata/58,000,000 rwf
inzu igurishwa i karuruma @48,000,000rwf
ikibanza kigurishwa rugende /11,000,000 rwf
ikibanza kigurishwa rusororo/10,000,000 rwf
inzu igurishwa huye/390,700,000 Rwf
ikibanza kigurishwa nyamata/175,000,000
inzu igurishwa nyarugunga @43,000,000rwf
ikibanza kigurishwa munkoto kuri 3,500,000 rwf

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