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Property request |
This service allows you to request for a property when you did not get the desired one. Please fill all information required. If you meet the problem , please contact us!

1 Personal information
2 Property Identifications

3 Days for post
4 Confirm request helps you to request a property in case you do not find the desired property

Before confirming your request you have to know that a request visible on the web will be seen and sent to all agents and brokerages who are registered on this system (
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Who can see my personal information?
From our system, Our brokerage companies and agents are only ones who can see your personal information like names, phone number and email so that they can contact you when they find your request!

How can I believe that my request will be aproved?
We have brockerage companies and agents in the different location of the country so that when they see your request, they try to find the requested property quickly! When you request for a property, they get it in the system.

How can I know that my request has been answered?
Our brockerage companies and agents can send you an e-mail when they get your requested property!
Is it possible that It may fail? Can I return my fees?
Yes, It may fail when our brokers and agents did not find your requested property!
Thus, It is not possible to return the fees because the system do what is required to serve you!
How much do I need to pay for one day?

You are required to pay 200 Rwf per day

I accept
Check total amount

Unit price for one day: 200 Rwf

These are payment methods where you can use!